About Us

In this fast and tough life, there are lots of Responsibilities and priorities at the same time to consider. It always gets hard to find time for the people and activities you love. So, Let us help you look after your home and help you to manage your unmanageable works. Maidsontime is one of the fast growing highly trustable cleaning service providers. From past 5 years, we work in this field aiming to satisfy our customers by providing the professional services they require. Our strength lies in the honest, trustworthy and highly trained employees.

Our services rank among one of the top leading companies in Dubai. We offer wide range of services for households and cooperatives. Our range of services includes everything from cleaning, pest control, babysitting or adult caring. Whatever are your needs, be it a single time, regular or full time cleaning job, we are sure we can help. You may contact us for any services available from us and we will make sure to give you a good time and satisfactory services.

Our Mission

We are here to ease your burdens and make your days simpler! Maidsontime aims on giving you the best helping services in UAE. You can find a maid perfectly suited for you with us. Our maids at Maidsontime are recruited only after thorough background check. We guarantee their trustworthiness and reliability and ensure to provide the best for you.

Our Vision

We look forward to be a company which can understand and satisfy the needs of our clients with the highest quality, demand and reliable services.